How To Make Money On YouTube Part 3

How To Make Money On YouTubeNew media technology doesn’t sit idle, especially when it comes to finding ways to create direct sales as you engage with media. Some started the idea with product placement as you watch a clip on YouTube. Now you can actually click on a highlighted object in videos and buy the item through the click through link. The set-up is much cheaper than when the technology was in Beta a few years back. You can have the programme running in your £20 YouTube video for a monthly package. A good way to more or less set up a YouTube shop is to have a scrolling catalogue with audio comment and some interesting footage to keep the viewer interested. Your content should capture the viewer’s attention and keep them there. If it’s fashion – talk about trends, tips and styles, throw in the odd celebrity picture and then display your items. The same goes for services. You can have clickable scrolling text as you introduce your unique service. Order now, book your place, and other calls to action phrases can bring you some direct revenue.

Ranking And AdSense

YouTube is great vitamins for your Google health. Search engines and web ranking your web presence can do wonders for surfer engagement and trade. After you’ve uploaded your video, be sure to enter a title, description and tags. After you’ve managed your key words and set phrases with supporting descriptions you’re on your way to getting a bit of a traffic boost courtesy of Google. Your video should be making a few hundred hits if you harness strategic links and spread the word on your social network or from your website. You video should start appearing on Google, riding on the back of your key phrases. Click-throughs to websites enjoy a healthy percentage from video searches commonly connected to YouTube. Page ranking with the help of your video on YouTube is therefore worthy of great consideration. Do your homework with how AdSense works and revenue from here can be realistic and consistent. Payments are made by YouTube into a Google AdSense account, and once you are fully enrolled in the programme you will also be able to switch on Google ads either to the side of or on top of your videos. This can earn additional income through pay per click and affiliate profits, and all you have to do is keep your video content fresh and enjoy the proceeds. Apart from direct payment, there are other ways you can build up your YouTube reputation to develop other revenue streams. You may be selling a few products on eBay or needing to get more visitors to your revenue-generating blog; it makes sense to include a link back to your site. You can engage with other businesses in your industry and offer to endorse their products in your videos, for a 5-10% commission on top of what YouTube pays you, or simply enter into an affiliate partnership. Do this without the middle men affiliate companies and your commission is yours alone.

The Partner Programme

The Partner Programme is where your videos really start working for you. Once you are a partner, you can expect to earn about $2.50-$5 (£1.56-£3.13) per 1,000 views of your video, and whilst this doesn’t sound very much right now, if you do manage to create the next viral sensation that brings in millions of viewings, you can expect to earn quite a dotcom lot for your hard work. Consider making money by selling scrolling text integrated into your video. A certain number of viewers is all the proof needed to have a platform for a related business to be interested. Product placement and endorsements as part of the content is an effective means to promote the business of a paying advertiser, big or small.

Fan Currency

Make your uploads unique and positively different and you are sure to build up a dedicated following of fans. Video marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme, and to a certain extent it can be unpredictable; patience and thoughtful planning should help. It can be a lot of fun making the videos, and once they do start earning for you, they are likely to continue to do so month on month. Feed your fans, introduce videos from others that have some sort of connection to yours. By the time you’ve built up a library of 15 or more videos, you should be achieving a good number of views per video. Once all your videos achieve a minimum of 1,000 views each, you are sure to be contacted by YouTube asking if you would like to apply to become a Partner.

Posting videos on YouTube is a very public thing to do. You therefore need to be clear about permission and the terms for posting a video. Play it safe and make sure you have permission where applicable so that you don’t find your good work is not a wasted exercise. Situational footage where you bear witness with your video are exempt in some cases, so it’s a good idea to know what the parameters to this are. Make sure your video does not infringe someone else’s copyright. Take a few minutes and read through YouTube’s guidelines. They are also there to protect your own good work from others; you’d need to know when your copyright interests have been subject to infringement too. See YouTube copyright tips and guidance. Making money by way of YouTube has more options than we may be used to. It’s all up to you to put some catchy material together and manipulate income once the viewing figures begin to rise. It’s an open playground – let’s get filming.

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