How To Make Money On YouTube Part 1

How To Make Money On YouTubeBefore you begin fancying yourself as the next Danny Boyle, it’s best to look into what kind of video you want. Are you looking to make direct money, or are you looking to use your video to promote engagement? Sometimes it’s common to be doing this for both reasons. What and why you film and post on YouTube determines the type of content on your uploads. In view of direct or indirect income from your video it’s clear that the measure of success is the number of views and shares your video can harvest. So what goes viral? We can never really predict what will, but based on past trends we can make some reasoned guesses. Even if your video doesn’t become a global hit, you can still cash in on the camcorder income, and a bit of any extra cash for your trouble

YouTube has made video publishing a great way to earn money and also to promote your business or service globally. It has gained significant popularity as high-quality video recording becomes less expensive. All you need these days is a decent stand-alone camera or one good smart phone and you can create some footage to rival big budget videos. It’s all about creativity and a good angle on forging a response from your potential viewers.

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